Eco-innovation at its best !

Fitly, a new concept of running pack realised by CHAINPURDESIGN in charge of the design concept, the material research, the entire development, the sourcing and the production and even product testing !

Talk about service ???

This running pack is full of CHAINPURDESIGN smart features among the best we can list few main :
- The Fidlock Magnetic closure, soft light and magnetic
- S Café, an innovative eco-friendly S-Café fabric lamintaed on EVA foam for an amazing comfortable, antiweaking and anti-odor backpanel.
- YKK silent and self locking zipper puller to avoid any noise while running.
- Extensible mesh pocket for usefull storage and access to coins and even phone on the go,
- Whistle for safety,
- Hidden passeport pocket.
But the best of it is the fit ad comfort while running, 

A well designed and developped product !