The GROUNDTRUTH rocket has been launched this Sept 5th 2019 in London.

The first ever Pop-up Store is available and open now. Go there and check out the Explore / Protect concept and you might be willing to become one of the owner of the first ever GROUNDTRUTH products and who knows, maybe get a chance to meet the amazing Sisterhood behind the brand.
Here you go.

GROUNDTRUTH, Modern Eco-Innovative products designed and developped in collaboration with CHAINPURDESIGN.

Thanks again to the Scott Sisters for the trust and confidence in CHAINPURDESIGN abilities, and congrats for the dedication and the passion to get it real... what a journey it was !

Future is yours !

Thank you too Pak Salim, Ibu Siti and Niken on factory side for your amazing support !

All you need to know is here GROUNDTRUTH.GLOBAL

You'll also found some nice pics on