En QuĂȘte de sens

A fresh vision form the youth ... that's great ! The energy for change is huge and it will not be stopped dude ! Thank you Nathanël et Marc for your documentary, a nice seed for tomorrow !

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Le ted Talks de Lille ici même

En Quête de Sens, is a French documentary from Nathanaël Coste et Marc de La Ménardière, Produced et distributed by the Association "Kamea Meah" with the support of 963 coproducers. Released was firstly made in France on January 28th 2015, they are now hitting the road in France.

More information here ... organising event, buy DVD, support the project right here if you can read french ... translation soon ? i aksed them already ! : 

As in the words of Talleyrand on October the 6th 1814 to the Prussiens : " that if it goes without saying, then it will go even better if we say it " 

TALLEYRAND (1754 - 1838)