25 years ago I attended my first ISPO ...

Fame glory and money was for everyone, companies were looking big and startups where like magic mushrooms ...

Ha the good old days !
Some would say «it was better in the old days» ! Yeah but old days won't come back dudes !

Many are wondering, shall we come back again ? well to me things are clear. In a international crisis environment with pinnacle retailers as Sport Scheck (former biggest German and European sport retailer) filing for Bankruptcy, the sports industry had to re-invent itself ... and ISPO is leading a way that resonates! 

An amazing energy gathering, wonderful people from around the world, people of the future talking about collaboration and cooperation, focus on environmental concerns and sharing best practice to face on going challenges, all present at ISPO and on the other side, those large individualist global business that quitted the boat on the principal of self-success, competition and profit. Everybody has an opinion ... But you know what ... chainpurdesign were there again ! 

«Abenstees are always wrong» we use to say in French

See you at ISPO Munich 2024

Thank you Tobias and your team for gathering us for the last 25 years and making such an amazing event !

Future is ours !

Together we are strong !