The Reactor Ultralight series is a very ambitious and innovative project and the result is so far just incredible. We've been doing technical bags for brands around the world for more then 17 years, this product is the paradigm of our knowledges, matching the ambitions of ARVA brand, their know-how on Airbag System and our creativity and skills where we implemented smart technical solutions to deliver a «one of the kind» lightweight Airbag Backpack.

So far there is no equivalent on the Airbag market in regards of fiability, ergonomy and weight level... 1,6 kg with the entire Airbag system, Carbon cardridge, double chamber balloons and the full backpack ... yes 1,6 kg, all combined with smart, efficient and flexible carrying systems.

This amazing achievement makes this item the lightest ever made Airbag backpack in the world ... and will soon be availble at the best retailers shops around the planet. 

We are happy to give you a preview on chainpurdesign news page. 

More information on the Arva brand web page here